About Janette


I'm a Brit who landed in a small town in the Boston suburbs when my husband's work brought us to the USA in 2010. This was to be a temporary move that became permanent. Having sold my UK business, I found myself with lots of time on my hands and that is when I discovered painting. My father was a bricklayer by trade but loved to paint and draw. He had the opportunity as a young man, in the 1940s. to go to Art School on a scholarship, but his family were very poor and so he had to take a job.  Once he retired, he painted all the time.  He always tried to get me to paint with him, but I was too busy with my career and didn't have the time. I would love for him to be here to paint with me now but as least he is here in spirit.

I've been painting since 2011 and now have a lovely studio in an 1850's barn next to my home where I spend a minimum of five hours a day (sometimes life interrupts that).  At the start of my painting career I took classes locally, then as I progressed I began to travel the country benefitting from workshop study with some of America's finest painters.  I've met so many wonderful artists at those workshops too.

Today, I still travel for study at least once a year.  When I vacation with my husband I take my painting supplies when I can too.

For me, painting is a lifelong journey of joy and discovery, triumphs and failures, with something to be learnt in it all. There are those brief and rare moments of "effortlessness", when your heart and soul are completely at one with the brush and canvas, so brief that the moment your conscious mind recognizes it....it's gone.  It's those moments I wait and hope for every time I paint. It's like my heart is singing. I can't imagine my life without painting now.  Janette

Awards and Shows:


Art Muse Contest, November 2018 Merit Award, awarded by organizers (Kim VanDerHoek and Kelley Sanford)

“This is a special award chosen by Kim VanDerHoek and Kelley Sanford for an artist whose work did not receive an award from the judge but they feel merits recognition”

Piece entered - Emerald Sea 20 x 20


Art Muse Contest, Emerging Artist Finalist, November 2017 awarded by Lori Putnam

This piece has a good use of color, line, texture and edges.  The space is well designed and nicely drawn.  The artist has used cools and warms in both the lights and the shadows making the painting feel more alive and natural. Lori Putnam

Lori Putnam's comment about my painting "Birch"

Jack Meier Gallery chosen finalist, November 2017 Art Muse Contest

"Birch" chosen by Jack Meier Gallery to be entered for a Gallery Representation Award Competition.  My work will also be included in the annual Art Muse/Jack Meier Gallery Exhibition in early 2018.

Art Muse Contest, Finalist, January 2016, awarded by Ken DeWaard
Great sense of air and light as well as values in this painting, very natural and believable!

Ken DeWaard

Ken DeWaard's comment about my painting "November Dawn"  


Art Muse Contest, Finalist, June 2016, awarded by Lori Putnam
"Reality with notes of abstraction are perfect for a subject such as this. As a viewer, I am immediately struck by the lights and shadows, particularly in the fruits in the foreground. But what is also interesting, and what keeps me looking and searching about, are those areas that are not fully described. The balance of both “fully rendered” and “only suggested” is just one of the strong points of this piece. Another is the appropriate use of warm, orange tones in some of the leaves, and cool violet colors reflected from the sky. Those two, subtle choices, provide color harmony. Otherwise, the greens might appear too strong in contrast to the reds and pinks, and the sky too blue against the yellows and oranges."

Lori Putnam

Lori Putnam's comment on my painting "Orchard view"

Gallery Show, Schwamb Mill, Arlington, MA

Spring Show, Concord Art Association - piece sold

Fall Show - Student & Teacher Show, Concord Art Association

Memberships/Associate Memberships

American Impressionists Society 

Oil Painters of America

The Guild of Boston Artists



In January 2018,  I spent a few hours in my studio with Amelia Tarallo a journalist for our local Newspaper, here is the link, (sadly the worst photo was used on line)